The Gathering Grounds found it’s home in one of the most historic buildings in Avon.  Historical records lack the name of the builder or exact date of construction but in 1905, the Reh family became the owners of the property on which the historic Lake View Hotel was built.  Albert Reh was a stone and brick mason, which we can argue is the answer to our questions.  The hotel had 10 rooms, housing up to 30 people at a time.  The rooms went for a rate of $1 per day and up.  Records also show that around the year 1915, the hotel became home for the first practicing physicians in Avon.  Since most practices were set up in St. Cloud, the physicians would travel to Avon and set up a clinic at the hotel one to two times a week.


In 1946, the Hotel became a home and school for disabled children, which was run by the Nuns of St. Benedict.  Funds were short, due to our entrance into World War II, causing the School to close in 1948 from a lack of space and facilities.  In 1957, the building became the home of Francis Schoffman, who was a professor of chemistry at St. John’s University.  They leased the extra rooms out to college students until the mid 1970’s, which is when the old Lake View Hotel became dormant in the community for quite some time.


More recently, the building has been used as a split-level complex; the upper level being a rental unit, and the main level shifting between a TV repair shop, chiropractic office, flower shop and now Gathering Grounds Coffee Shop.  We are excited to continue the legacy that this building has held in our community by opening it back up to you as a gathering place for people from miles around.



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